Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G – user opinions and reviews

Daemon Targaryen, 20 Oct 2022 I finally updated my Flip 3 to Android 12 and One 4.1.1. It was by accident because I clicked . more In most case upgrade firmware is a very good idea, specially with a company like Samsung compared to Chinese company, this according on my own experience.

  • iamurosp
  • TrD
  • 13 Nov 2022

I’ve been using it now for almost 8 months.
I will only say- it’s not made for playing games. I mean – you can play games if it charging it every 2-3 hours doesn’t bother your.
Everything else, from my experience – great! No regrets buying it.
P.S. Careful buying phone cases from aliexpress though, not the best fit..

  • d0ki
  • 8p0
  • 12 Nov 2022

Hi guys i have a question fir z flip 3 users. When posting instagram story are you experiencing quality concerns?

  • Anonymous
  • hHW
  • 07 Nov 2022

Jemlim, 16 Aug 2022 SD card takes up space, which can be used for the hinges. Same thing for headphone jack. In other news, there seems to be enough room for an S-pen if that happens.

  • Anonymous
  • DEP
  • 06 Nov 2022

I just wish that Z flip next gen has body like original Z flip, curve frame rather than boxy like iphone, make it looking bulk than the original, also the whole design should be change a lot, no more short issue or damage screen or plastic cover at hinge, ive seen a lot of damage screen at middle also dead touch at top screen, the much better is short contact which can not flip while use

Folded amoled still leave room for dust to enter altough whatever they did to close a hole since plastic amoled can’t be true folded like feature phone and accumulation of dust particle can make problem like broken hinge and damage screen or short contact, if there is no solution for this problem, yeah the problem will still occur in the future altough the problem will not occur before the warranty ends

  • Anonymous
  • HVC
  • 03 Nov 2022

Daemon Targaryen, 20 Oct 2022 I finally updated my Flip 3 to Android 12 and One 4.1.1. It was by accident because I clicked . more I still hate it just because of the overscroll

  • Anonymous
  • fnF
  • 31 Oct 2022

This phone is gud ..Company has made phone case accordingly but forgot to make it’s screen guard according to the phone.Every week I feel like changing my screen guard.Company can make screen guard in two pieces.

  • Mean
  • MDW
  • 31 Oct 2022

I’ve used it for a few months and for work purposes, this phone is excellent. It’s compact and easy to use. So far I’ve faced no issues whatsoever. No overheating issues so far and battery holds, as expected – 4-5 days. If I’d use it 24/7, then yes, the battery would last me 2 days – which is logical.

It really depends on what you want to use the phone for. Who would buy this for gaming, etc? Let’s be real. it’s directed for normal use (calls, texting, social media) not gaming/video editing, etc.

Views may vary, but for me personally, it’s an excellent device for work. 🙂

I finally updated my Flip 3 to Android 12 and One 4.1.1. It was by accident because I clicked install now instead of install later. I was so ticked off this morning that I even called Samsung customer service to help me find a way to prevent it. I tried the wireless ADB and it didn’t work.

I came to realize that it’s not that bad. No battery drain. Doesn’t show the hideous Material You design of the Pixels. And One UI 4.1.1 added toggles Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the cover display which are extremely useful. I lost SamSprung but CoverScreen OS is superior to it. No need for Bixby to use it.

So what I thought would be an update that would ruin my phone ended up making it superior than before.

  • Anonymous
  • 0C0
  • 18 Oct 2022

Yes if you want to waste your money go ahead buy this crap … one of the worst mobiles I’ve ever used
Poor battery life
Screen starts to give problems
Oh expect more problems this mobile will cause it

  • Anonymous
  • 3Jg
  • 14 Oct 2022

horrible I’ve had my z3 for just over a year and it overheats, the battery life is terrible, the screen has multiple small cracks in the middle, and recently now it wont shut all the way

  • som3a
  • mJj
  • 13 Oct 2022

a perfact phone but i wish the battery lasts longer

  • Z Flip 3 User
  • fJy
  • 12 Oct 2022

I’m sorry for those who had their Z Flip 3 broke on them. But I have never experienced the z flip 3 breaking on me and I ‘ve had mine since launch date, Of course the short battery life is there the heating, i only experience when i’m outside and I am using it while having the hotspot on.

  • Anonymous
  • 7k0
  • 23 Sep 2022

Very bad phone .Screen problem occurs 2 times in 6 months
Don’t buy this

Samsung for life ♥️♥️
Isn’t this better than nonsense iphone, by far, and still cheaper
Better camera, better display and bt,

I just got this phone from my uncle since he got Z Flip 4. Is it worth exchanging it for Galaxy S20 Ultra? I just cant bare the battery life and heating on Z Flip 3.

joe nodden, 18 Aug 2022 Bro it’s literally IP68 without the resistance to dust. How the hell is that innovation? . more then tell me any other foldable phone with foldable glass that has an ipx8 rating?

Jemlim, 16 Aug 2022 Calling IPX8 rating lack of innovation? And ultra-thin glass? Bro it’s literally IP68 without the resistance to dust. How the hell is that innovation? Did you legitimately think, "Oh wow it’s got an X now, it must be even better!"? Give me a break.

And do you legitimately believe they’ve developed a some sort of miracle glass that lasts 80% longer than previous glass. Let me give you a word of advice, never listen to manufacturers when they make claims about the durability of their glass. They always lie. Always. They’ve lied about gorilla glass for years and they’re gonna lie about this. Glass will either scratch easily or crack easily and there will never be an in-between. As for this phone, you can leave marks on the display with, get this, your fingernails.

Victor Sol, 11 Aug 2021 The only new thing in this phone is it name Can’t you see it has a new design, new water resistance and lots of new features? Are u blind? It’s not just the name!

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G – user opinions and reviews

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