It should be noted that Our logistics app, with which you will have the opportunity to meet, has fairly wide functionality and implements the task set for our team by the client in full. When choosing a logistics app design, we take into account both the wishes of our customers and the needs of the modern market, so that the proposed solutions are the most successful for your business. Logistics software development makes it possible to optimize all and any activities, from tracking loads and deliveries to customer and payment management, and much more. Our development team performs a full test cycle to ensure that all processes go along with the quality standards defined for the logistics software. IT in general and software development for logistics in particular has changed lots of businesses around the world, and the process keeps going.

  • Integration of big data will add an undeniable competitive advantage and help you forecast the upcoming industry trends.
  • Businesses may cut distances and increase truck capacity by carefully planning and arranging routes.
  • Our team works on each project with maximum involvement to become your reliable IT partner.
  • We’re serious about providing the best quality software and service to add value for our customers.
  • Weeks can be cut off the production cycle, so manufacturers can get their products out to consumers more quickly.

Our client, a European medium-sized logistics provider, came to Belitsoft with a long-term strategy for entering the same-day delivery market with the help of a mobile app. Development of logistics custom software that increases business efficiency and competitiveness – this is our specialty. Contact us now and we will realize all your ideas and help to achieve goals.


Our team develops web and mobile applications for the needs of various industries including logistics & transport. We implement custom solutions of any complexity to help businesses manage their operations more effectively. The shipping, transportation and logistics industry is going through a time of rapid and unprecedented transformation. Globalization and e-Commerce have brought a significant stimulus to the industry.

custom logistics software

We will provide your team with all the necessary materials and help them to master the new digital environment. Logistic software solution new versions which will be developed according to the changing needs of your business. An innovative portal that allows members to manage their documents and interact with the marine community The software solution records and analyzes a sea service by time in rank, time with company and time on a vessel… GNS-IT’s specialists are able to find the most reasonable solutions for small and mid-sized business projects, as well as the whole companies.

Increase Productivity With Logistics Software Development Service

MassMedia Group has an IT consulting service that also includes business analysis to transform your unique business needs and goals into the software. Based on the consulting conducted, we create a detailed specification and TOR, by which our specialists will be working on the project. This determines the quality of our software and allows us to create an IT product capable of optimizing your company’s workflow, as it will perfectly fit into its needs. Custom solutions for logistics business accumulate and process immense amounts of data. This is then used to automatically generate reports for use in the company’s different departments (sales, counting, marketing, etc.), among other uses. Mapping and navigation apps track routes of company’s vehicles ensuring security and greater predictability of delivery time.

custom logistics software

Our team built video streaming software as a web and desktop app for a third-party client. We completed end-to-end development—from scoping to feedback cycles to QA—using PHP and Wowza Streaming Engine. We developed a web-based driving simulator for teens and another for adults.

Use Logistics & Supply Chain Software Development Services For A Variety Of Reasons

Many companies find their bottom line impacted by increased costs due to fluctuating gas prices, seasonal factors, warehousing, labor and supply shortages, and product-related errors. Companies seeking leadership in the supply chain and ridership market cannot do without a reliable software. No matter a parcel, a truck or a plane, our navigation system tool will provide you with the latest updates on your freight location.

The products run on Chromebooks, and the team added features that enable them to measure a driver’s ability to avoid a crash. Customer-Centric Culture Syberry carefully selects each employee to align with our customer-centric culture. We’re serious about providing the best quality software and service to add value for our customers.

This software also helps drivers build the optimal route to save time and fuel. Taking over for another vendor, we served as the ongoing software engineering partner for an energy company’s cloud-based platform. The company provided scoping, development, testing, and deployment services.

Streamline Logistics With Our Custom Software

If you wish to develop your business in the future, the sturdy and perfect logistics management software allows for smooth interaction with other modules. Complete audit and further development of a shipping platform that enabled new third-party services integration, saved costs and significantly decreased the server load. Development of an export document system – automation of many customs forms and documents, implementation of pdf generation and track of content updates on external websites. Today, our client can help businesses worldwide with all the processes of international transportation and customs clearance all over the world.

custom logistics software

Entrepreneurs can create mobile apps on their own with no-code platforms. Having worked with Belitsoft as a service provider, I must say that I’m very pleased Logistics Software Development with the company’s policy. Belitsoft guarantees first-class service through efficient management, great expertise, and a systematic approach to business.

Our developments are distinguished by a solid technology stack and a competitive advantage. A software development engineer in logistics requires a few years of experience in a manufacturing setting, a thorough grasp of production procedures, and good technical abilities. Businesses should manage interactions with suppliers and keep track of their performance using the right TMS software. Businesses may cut distances and increase truck capacity by carefully planning and arranging routes.

By creating a detailed model of site operations within four walls, you will check the eligibility of the intended project. To survive and strive, you need custom software for logistics integrated into your processes, not processes adjusted to available software. Begin now to get custom logistics software adjusted to meet challenges your business faces.

Approach From A Business Perspective

Maximum accuracy to all your requirements allows you to get a software that works exactly as you imagined. This approach leads your company to competitive advantage through work with the logistic software solution that successfully solves the set tasks and business goals. Thanks to efficient simulation and optimization, they have the best set of tools for tracking supply chain issues in ways not possible with standard solutions. Their specialists have advanced knowledge of the logistics and transport-related processes. Also, they deliver full-fledged solutions addressing traffic maintenance, sales, billing, and accounting. Their specialists implement projects of all levels of complexity setting customers’ business requirements as their major priority.

Maybe you want help improving your supply chain processes, warehouse management, or distribution and inventory management. Or you’re looking to optimize your shipping and transportation management software or need other custom services. Whatever it is, our team will coordinate with your company to provide the expertise to meet your logistics management software needs.

This is facilitated by high competition in this business niche and the increased demand for such services and large volumes of work. After all, high-quality applications can solve many problems, speed up organizational processes, reduce costs, and increase profits. While there are several off-the-shelf TMS software options on the market, their out-of-the-box features and clunky integration capabilities will make for a less-than-ideal experience. Custom logistics management software, on the other hand, is built specifically to meet your business’s unique needs, taking into consideration every nuance. Our custom analytics solutions can provide logistics providers with insights that drive business outcomes.

In general, an application for a transport company can have both common functions and unique features related to your business. The data a company collects through its software from various sources is often used to increase relevance of company plans. By adding custom machine-learning algorithms, companies can make it a regular practice to increase and detect anomalies that might require further investigation. Testimonials Our clients—past and present—have this to say about the quality of the services IT Craft provides. SumatoSoft team not only knew well how to build a partnership-based working process, but also offered sensible suggestions and advice helping us to reach the long-term business goals.

Improved Customer Experience

The possibility of further logistic software solution prototype improvements. With this, you’ll be able to turn it into a complete comprehensive IT product that will have the functionality tailored to your business needs. Telematics will be useful for your company if you need to ensure qualitative communication between transport and headquarters over the network. This way you can monitor the cargo movements in real-time, which provides better control over the delivery. In addition, with the telematics systems’ ability to transmit location and fuel, you can effectively respond to unforeseen circumstances out of the office. We provide a lifetime warranty on our code, which is extra proof of our reliability as an IT partner.

Our custom software satisfies the needs of every industry subsector and transportation mode, be it a small courier service or a large international logistics company. Our team created multiple supply chain and tendering management solutions for European logistics companies. Maintaining high standards requires systems capable of controlling transport, managing information on goods and improving communication with customers.

Itransition helps logistics companies adopt the open-source Odoo platform to access such capabilities as fleet management, accounting, billing, inventory management, and CRM. If the default functionality is not enough, we can customize Odoo and tailor it to your unique business workflows and processes. With our custom software, a logistics company can cover everything required to make its warehouses work as unified and consolidated systems. With our support, companies gain visibility into their inventory across locations while making labor management, inventory tracking, storing, and shipping more efficient. At Intelvision, we stay ahead of the game and balance innovations and well-tried technologies to develop advanced but reliable logistics industry applications.

This company came to us with an idea of a truck load tracking web application . The target audiences of the application are customers from transportation freight industry, which need tracking trucks with their goods in real time from any smart device. Our custom software developers are able to design and develop custom logistics software and applications that provide users with an easy and enjoyable experience when interacting with the software or application.

You can always watch the creation of your logistic software solution in real-time. Our team works on each project with maximum involvement to become your reliable IT partner. In addition, our specialists work in the “support service” mode and are always ready to answer your questions.

Such a logistic software solution will help you to manage all the corporate vehicles. With it, your employees will be able to perform specific vehicle management tasks, such as developing optimal delivery routes and keeping the entire fleet operational. A custom IT solution like this will significantly improve your logistics processes, your supply chain in particular.

The features of your network are to be put through a modeling process at every stage. To achieve positive outcomes, you need to describe the terms and conditions of supply chain operations as they are. Dynamic simulation makes it easier for you to estimate any significant parameter in your supply chain. Ideally, you can use the available statistical details or generate your own ones.

Syberry’s team was highly responsive and communicative, managing our project smoothly, responding immediately to any issues that arose, and delivering great software at a reasonable price. Improve business visibility with in-depth, data-driven insights in near-real-time. Please be informed that when you click the Send button Itransition Group will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy notice for the purpose of providing you with appropriate information. Gain a comprehensive view of your customer journey and run personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Then, we move on to Product Design, where our in-house expert team applies advanced UI and UX design principles – while still, of course, sticking to your outlined parameters.

Increase Productivity With Logistics Software Development Service

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